Drought, Depleted Food, a Recipe for Revolution

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I stumbled across this insightful article about food security and global issues surrounding the topic. I find this very interesting because it definitely affects our future generation. Our children need to be aware of these global issues. Educators must help to teach our future generation about our environment and the things we need to do to sustain it. Reading this article reminded me of the Human Justice course I took in Mexico City in the summer of 2009 on Food sovereignty. After taking this course my perspective on the world and education was changed. I wrote a reflection on what this course meant to me as an educator:

How I Think The Course I took in Mexico City Relates to My Area of Study: Education


There are many factors one must consider when becoming a teacher. As an elementary teacher, I will have great influence on my students. I will use the knowledge I have gained from the big ideas learnt in IDS 200 to improve the educational experience of my students. Some of these issues include globalization, sustainability, environment, sovereignty, justice, etc. Insights I have gathered from this course will allow me to bring a broader view to my classroom.
Modelling behaviour is a great way for a teacher to instil values of justice and equity and strive for an anti-biased atmosphere. When teachers model self-respect, equity, fairness, democracy, collaboration, etc. students are more likely to embrace these values. To reduce prejudice, teachers must teach students about social justice at an early age and instil the important values of empathy, compassion, and the ethic of care.

When choosing teaching material I will be open-minded and be aware of worldly issues and choose carefully so that my choices will be beneficial to each of my students. I believe that being aware of these issues and addressing them in the classroom will better the educational experience for all of my students. I will try to use personal approaches rather than formal ones in my pedagogy. As a teacher I will do my best to be a role model to my students and I will demonstrate acceptable behaviour in regards to global issues.

Learning about these issues has made me realize that, as a teacher, I will have to creatively think of ways to incorporate concepts into my classroom so that they become a part of my pedagogy, rather than a segregated aspect. This could mean showing videos, reading newspapers, discussing articles with my students, and addressing issues as they arise and utilizing real-life opportunities in the everyday classroom.

Hopefully this will give my students a broader perspective and a more mature worldly view. As their teacher I want to help them grow to be respectable adults who are knowledgeable about cultural diversity and social inequities. I want my students to be critical thinkers, responsible decision makers, and successful citizens. My goal as an educator will be to help create compassionate human beings. I think this will motivate them to be humanitarians in our society.

More information on my Mexico City experience: IDS course Mexico City

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