Why do kids misbehave?

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

In my Educational Psychology class on Classroom Management we have discussed the topic of why children behave the way they do. Our table group did some brainstorming of what factors could contribute to a child’s behaviour. Some of the ideas we came up with were mental illness, home life, environmental, how the child was raised, the antecedent to the behaviour, task difficulty, interest in activity, classroom environment, classroom management and routines, instructional strategies, assessment, etc. Poor behaviour could be the result of something as simple as a child having a bad day. Someone in our group shared a great analogy with us. She said that you can compare a child to a bottle of coke. If a child doesn’t have breakfast shake the bottle of coke once, if the child listens to his parents fight before he leaves for school shake the bottle again, if the child gets bullied on the bus ride to school shake the bottle again. Then when the teacher tells the child that he needs to put his inside shoes on at school the child blows up and acts out. The antecedent to this behaviour was the teacher asking him to put his inside shoes on but that wasn’t the cause of the behaviour. Sometimes children explode for no apparent reason but in reality things have been building up all day and they just lose their final straw. I had never really thought about this before we discussed it. Later on I found this video that was relative to the subject.

  1. Daniella Tiefenbach says:

    I agree with what your classmate said. I had a student in my internship that would come in every day and within the first two minutes of the day you knew what type of day it would be. A lot of the time it depended on which home he spent the night at, his night before, or what he did that morning. It would be interesting to see what some students go through before they enter your classroom each morning so you could gauge thier thoughts and reacts in order to better communicate with them throughout the day!

  2. lewchukd says:

    I totally agree with your Coke Philosophy.

  3. I find your Coke analogy interesting – it’s like the person who has a bad day and kicks the dog. Of course, in your situation, it wasn’t the teacher’s fault that the student “blew up” (and neither is it the dog’s fault). When kids do misbehave, we should try to know the cause for their actions. In your case, it would have been difficult to know this information, since all incidents happened outside school premises. I think it’s also important to react appropriately when incidents like this do happen. When the child blew up by the boot rack, how do you think you would have reacted as a teacher?

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