21st Century Teaching

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently I have become an auntie once again to a beautiful boy named Hudson Jack. This makes me wonder…. what kind of an education will Hudson get?

Our world is changing in so many ways. As teachers we need to change with it and keep up with the changes being made. It’s amazing what kids can do with technology these days. Young children are becoming more and more familiar with technology and we need to support this in our classrooms. I don’t know what i will ever do if I teach in a classroom without a SmartBoard. I had one in my internship and I couldn’t imagine teaching without it. Teaching and technology go hand in hand these days because technology IS our world. I found a video that is from a child’s perspective on teachers and technology that really makes me think about what I will need to provide for my students and what the expectations are.

Some people believe that teaching reading and writing will significantly change over the next few years. Some people think that books will become extinct because of such things as Ereaders and Ipads that will house books digitally. I am not sure what to think about this. I think that some areas of the country will develop a lot faster than others. I have a hard time believing that books will become extinct. I think that there is something special about holding a real book and flipping through the pages. This blog post discusses the topic of real books vs. digital books. However I do agree that digital books have a purpose and are useful as well. In my internship I scanned books and put them up on the SmartBoard to read together as a class and I also found books and stories online to show the kids and they loved that. The books were up on the big screen for all to see and read together. We practiced reading and circled words that had certain sounds, words that were from the word wall, circled punctuation, etc. It was a great way of doing a reading lesson all together. With a regular sized book it would be difficult to show the whole class and circle words and punctuation etc. Stories can also be used to teach other concepts other than reading. there are online digital stories that teach all subjects. This page has a link to an online science story about the water cycle.

There are so many tools that teachers have access to. The internet provides us with so many resources and ideas. I am so excited about using digital tools for my profession although I do feel apprehensive as well because it does seem overwhelming. I feel like I could spend months learning and researching how to use tools and learning about technology and still be behind… good thing as a teacher I will have summers “off” to do this!

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