Women in Education

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

For another class I’m in about Women in Education I read an article and wrote a response to the article which I will share. I would like to hear other thoughts on the topic…

Summary of text:

This article gives a brief history of women in education. It tells about what has happened in the past and where we have come today as a result. The article states that education for women was thought to “disrupt the social balance of the time”. Years ago women were not to “unsex’ themselves by getting educated. Even the Queen herself stated this as her opinion. The article provides a historical guideline with major events such as when the first university accepted females, the Seneca Falls convention, and various women’s victories and achievements. The article then goes on to discuss how women were first accepted into universities. It concludes by saying that there is an underlying social tendency to oppress women.

Interpretive response:

The part that struck me the most about this article is when it talked about education being the “stumbling block from keeping women from having equal status in society” and that “people feared that the social system would break down if women were allowed to be educated.”  Ignorance and lack of education is a major reason for why people fall behind in society. To be equal and have equal opportunities one must have the knowledge necessary. I suppose people always fear change, but it’s hard to imagine people feared a change that seems so positive.

What sparked my attention even more was when the article said that educating women could result in brain fever or sterility. It amazes me that these thoughts could enter ones mind. This is utter stupidity.  This must have simply been a ploy to scare women away from being educated. How could anyone think this was biologically possible?

I also find it totally absurd that universities would reward women different degrees than men for the same education. I suppose we have come so far in society since then that reading things like this shocks me. This, I feel, is a good sign. This means that we are getting somewhere with equality and that society is changing for the better. When we look at where we have come from in history, we have come a long way. Now we, as women, have so many opportunities to be educated in whatever area we choose. There are endless career options for women, contrary to the past. Although there is still work to be done in equalizing women, we have come a long way.

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