Jolly Phonics

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last summer I met with my co-op teacher and we had a discussion about what internship would involve in the fall. She had mentioned to me that she uses the Jolly Phonics program as part of her Grade One reading and writing program. She said that she was going to attend a workshop in Saskatoon in August and that if I would like to become more familiar with the program I could also register for the workshop. I wanted to know more about the program, especially because it was used in my internship classroom and so I did attend the workshop- and I am so glad I did! I love Jolly Phonics. During my internship I was able to see it’s effects on childrens’ reading and writing skills. The kids loved the program and they learned their letters and sounds in a fun way. There is a specific order in which you are supposed to introduce the letters of the alphabet and a song and story for each letter. The children learn to read and spell while they are still learning the letters. For example, S, A, and T are the first three letters taught and after learning these first three letters they also learn how to read a word- “sat”. Now I am sure that with every program there are pros and cons and some people like other programs better than others but for myself I would definitely use Jolly Phonics in my classroom as well as integrate other programs in as well. There are videos on the internet that go along with the program that would be really neat to show the kids on a SmartBoard or projector:


  1. Brandee says:

    Hey Joanna,
    I have seen Jolly Phonics before but never had the opportunity to try it! It is great that you had the opportunity to try it out and get the extra education about it!

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