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Today we had a fun-filled afternoon of Halloween activities including a costume parade and making caramel apples. Hoping all my ghosts and goblins had a fun and safe Halloween. It’s hard to believe October is over and we are moving in to November. Remembrance Day, student conferences, and report cards are just around the corner!


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Today I did an inquiry-based lesson for Science/Health that a colleague and I designed. It was great to see the students interacting and learning together. The gist of the lesson was:

I paired up the students, gave them each a copy of Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and gave them a template of cards to fill out with heading such as “something important”, “something we already knew”, “something surprising”, “question we have”, etc. They worked diligently together and came up with some great ideas and questions. The lesson was a success!

inquiry card template


Already October!

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Wow, time does fly…it seems like I haven’t had time to breathe lately. Although I’ve been extremely busy, every day does seem very rewarding as a teacher. I thought I would mention a few resources which I have found to be helpful lately:

NESD Curriculum Corner

Assessing, evaluating, reporting

Aboriginal Education

First week of school

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My first week of school is complete! (and it was a success). I had anticipated that first week of school for a long time and here it has already came and went. I’m sure time will fly right by and soon it will be Christmas and then in no time at all it will be June.

During my internship, a fellow colleague gave me a copy of The First Days of School by Harry Wong which included a DVD with Chelonnda Seroyer that seemed to help me get prepared for school. This is a YouTube video that gives an idea of what the DVD was like:


My Idol

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I think that this teacher is absolutely amazing. Her classroom seems so exciting and engaging. I always think to myself, “Am I teaching in a way that I would want my own children to be taught?” and to me, Kathy Cassidy is a teacher that I would definitely want to have as my own child’s teacher. The blogging that she does with her Grade Ones in Moose Jaw is just so remarkable. Those kids must feel so proud of themselves and what they are learning about. Please watch the following video to learn more about the learning that takes place in this brilliant Grade One classroom:

living a sheltered life

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If our children are at risk of we AVOID the issue completely and “not get involved”?…… or do we educate them about ways to stay safe(wearing bike helmets, drug prevention programs, not to go with a stranger)… just like drugs, bike injuries, and abductions are a part of our world- so is the internet(facebook, cyberbullying, etc.)..the internet and technology has so much to offer and it is such a huge part of our world.. .as an educator I feel I wouldn’t be giving my students a just education if I didn’t include technology in my teaching….I feel it’s important to learn how to create a positive online identity and use the internet to its full potential as much as possible….I’m not saying I’m completely internet/technology savvy or by any means an expert but I do love learning- and the internet has been a huge learning tool for me.. I want to share that with my students and share with them what I do know

change takes a long time, but I hope that it doesn’t take long for everyone to realize that children benefit from technology in the classroom

The following slideshare presentation was posted 3 years ago

I like Dean Shareski’s Myth #1: Filters are important tools that protect our children