The following link is a fabulous resource for beginning teachers in Saskatchewan. This handbook is distributed by the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation. It explains month by month what you should expect as a first year teacher and outlines expectation of the STF. It is a very worthwhile read.
Taking Your Place in the Professional Community: A Handbook for Beginning Teachers

The SMART Exchange – A place for teachers to share SMART board ideas and lesson plans. If you can’t find any resources at the Canadian Exchange, try looking in the USA Exchange (click the Canada flag in the top right-hand corner and then choose USA).

The following links are online Math games collected by Horizon School Division that directly relate to the Saskatchewan curriculum. They are organized by Outcomes and Indicators of each grade.
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Eight
Grade Nine

Good Spirit School Division has also created an amazing resource full of collections of interactive websites and other resources for teachers that are organized by grade level:Click here to view this resource

BrainPOP is an animated educational site for kids. Educational videos, interactive games and quizzes are organized by subject area.

Tuxmath is a math website that uses the life of penguins to do a variety and mix up of math questions.

Tuxtype is a game using the life of penguins to get students using their quick and accurate typing skills to get through levels using their penguins.

Tux Paint is a program that students can use to create their own paintings using different lines, stamps, and a variety of other interactive tools.

Math Mayhem is a math website that has a variety of mixed up math questions that students need to answer in a race against others. The quickest asnwers will win the race!

Comic Life is a website that students can use to create their own comics. They can insert their own layouts, choose their characters and a variety of bubbles are available to show different emotions.

Inspiration a web mapping tool that is great for students in older grades.

Kidspiration a website used for the K-5 grades to strengthen reading, writing and thinking skills.

Classroom 2.0 a social networking “ning” for teachers

SK e-learning wiki

technology integration wiki

Themed literature units

Kideos videos for kids

interactive sites

ubershare website of resources

Themed Unit Library a collection of collaborative lists for various curriculum topics compiled by Regina Public School teacher-librarians and teachers.

Internet for classrooms website about effectively using the internet in the classroom

a list of blogging prompts for students to write about


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