Tech Tasks

This is my ECMP 355 Summary of learning project:

Tech Task #1

Answer the following questions:

a) Give a brief description of your own personal background (e.g, school, family, career, hobbies, etc.). Of course, only provide information which you feel comfortable sharing. Anyone will potentially be able to read your post once it’s one the web.

Hi! My name is Joanna Longmuir. I am 21 years old. I grew up on an acreage by Quill Lake, SK and attended Quill Lake School from KG- Gr.12. I was always very involved in extracurricular activities throughout my schooling such as SRC, Canteen, Volleyball, Curling, Nutrition Positive, etc. My Grandmother and mother are both retired teachers and I’ve always been inspired to teach as well. I am currently in my last semester at the U of R finishing my Education Degree in elementary Education. I have two older sisters, who now have their own families. This means that I am a proud aunt to three nephews (Jordan, John, and Jake) and one niece (Alexa), with a fifth niece or nephew on the way. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and spending time at the lake in the summer. I like to cook and bake and I enjoy going out for dinner as well, especially for Sushi. I love the outdoors. I love learning. I love coffee. I am interested in learning Yoga so I have registered to take a Yoga class this semester. I have interest in home decor and real estate, which means I have a love for watching HGTV. After finishing my degree I hope to find a teaching job around Humboldt, SK where my boyfriend and I have a house.

b) Provide some information regarding your attitudes of or previous experience with technology in your own personal, school or work experience.

I have very mixed feelings about technology. I am a strong believer that our generation is being deprived of the outdoors and real life experiences because we can live other people’s lives by watching them on TV, playing video games, wasting time on Facebook, playing with a BlackBerry or Ipod etc. On the other hand, I strongly believe that technology is an amazing learning tool. Technology can create so many opportunities for learning for children and adults! Overall, I think there needs to be balance. Although technology can be distracting in a negative way it also opens many doors and allows for growth.

c) Give insight into how you currently feel towards computing technology in the K-12 classroom. For example, what are the potential benefits or limitations of technology in the classroom? How do you feel technology should or should not be used in K-12 learning environments? What is the impact of new technologies like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, mobile phones, etc., on student learning and achievement?

I am a big believer of incorporating technology in the classroom. I think that it has many benefits and few limitations. In my internship we had a SmartBoard installed in our room. I tinkered around with it for hours becoming comfortable with it and teaching myself how to use it. I used it every day and the kids loved it! Technology in the classroom opens up a whole new world to students and allows students to experience things, learn about things, and see things that they may not see otherwise. New technologies such as the ones stated above (YouTube, Facebook, etc) can be detrimental or positive. It’s the teacher’s job to do their best to create a safe environment and use these tools in a positive light. We can’t control what goes on outside the classroom; all we can do is control what goes on inside the classroom.

d) Provide a description of your expectations for this class and from your instructor. What do you hope to accomplish in this class? Is there anything that the instructor should know about your previous experience or lack of experience with technology?

I hope to be much more comfortable using technology after taking this class. This class will force me to learn more about computers and the internet and that is exactly what I need. I just need that little push to help me along. I tried to make a blog in my internship but it was not very successful because I felt like I did not know enough about it, was frustrated, and also concerned about privacy issues. I am hoping that this class will help me with these issues so that I could have a successful classroom blog one day. I would also like to learn ways to make life easier, relating to technology. Shortcuts and tips will be very helpful. If I am interested in what I am learning about I do well and I am very interested in technology so I am very much looking forward to this class. I love learning new things that I can take and apply to the classroom and I expect to have plenty of things to take away from this class and use in my own classroom one day.

Tech Task # 2




a look into what nature deficit disorder is Richard Louv


The question I chose to research was “How do we balance the use of technology in teaching and learning with concerns of Nature Deficit Disorder and other similar activity concerns?”

I chose this question from the list of writing prompts because in Tech Task #1 I wrote about my concerns of technology vs. outdoor education and this question allowed me to find some answers. I think it is an interesting educational question to ponder. I asked some friends of mine to respond to this question and give their opinion and input about the topic. These were some of the responses I got:

Hayley wrote: as far as the classroom goes, I think technology is integrated pretty well with smartboards and easier access to computers, etc…its the environmental part that really needs to worked on. “Projects” that get the kids outdoors are really go…od…my Kindergarten class actually took on the project of converting an outdoor nook into an outdoor classroom and have taken on many environmental projects such as planting trees/garden in the space, starting a vermicompost bin to help the plants grow, etc…its a learning experience and it gets the kids outdoors. Also having playspaces outside that children will want to use and feel more connected with nature…most school grounds have been converted to blacktop and plastic play equipment…but kids naturally gravitate to natural grass/small shrubs/trees etc…spaces like that allows kids to use their imagination when they play. Hope this input helps :)..if you need any good resources you should take a look at “Last Child In The Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Discorder” by Richard Louv…we had to read 7. The Genius of childhood: How Nature Nurturs Creativity and 16; Natural School Reform for a Foundations class and they were really good and interesting

Preston wrote: i want to say outdoors because i am fat lol and i only started to eat more healthy and start losing weight since november (lost 21lbs lol) but they are coming out with new technologies all the time and lots of jobs require you to be tech savy . also, if you are not wealthy enough for some of today’s technology, learning in school might be the only way. i guess what i am trying to say, is that i would rather be able to do a variety of things for a variety of jobs than be super healthy. i never really cared about sports…

Jonathan wrote: Being outdoors is way more important. Technology can be learned quickly where the outdoors is both educational and healthy. The wealth of information gained from the outdoors is far superior to what can be googled.

Krysta wrote:   Both. But we have to go beyond the video games because kids do have all these technologies but they won’t help them in the long run. They need to learn how to do tech stuff that benefits them beyond just enjoyment. All my students talk abou…t their “dsi’s” and I have no idea what they are talking about. And you are cool if you have an iPod and cell phone. Technology is about materialism (if used the wrong way). Outdoors are also good, takes them back to the basics. Harder today because they are so commercialized. I remember doing the OCRE thing and it was hard to go without technology. However, if you are having fun…then you don’t miss it. So outdoors needs to be interesting and “fun” for kids to see the positives. Hope that makes sense.

Sara wrote: Outdoors for sure. Kids are naturally interested in technology now a days, but they haven’t got a clue how to entertain themselves outside!

Kayla wrote:   This is a great discussion! I’m all for the outdoors but I have teedering opinions…
Kids these days know more about technology than we do, I don’t even know how we keep up. How many kids do you see getting up and excited to explore the ea…rth’s natural resources…my guess is that they’d rather play Call of Duty or gossip on facebook. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if someday we completely lost technology and had to start all over again. But there’s a way of working both into the same area. Before technology we used what the earth gave us, which then evolved into what we have now. Everything we use now was originally a natural resource. That’s mind blowing! Have fun teaching that to children…but I think the most important thing is educating our students on how technology wasn’t always computers and cell phones, technology used to be the invention of the wheel….Crazy stuff.

Donna wrote: my opinion is deffintly is advNCING IN ALL fields of our daily living. technology is getting to be a life skill.
however, if technology ever fails us, it will be those who have outdoor knowledge who will survive the longest. They will be the ones who can live off the land and be able to sustain themselves from the outdoors.In that respect it seems that learning about the outdoors is like a PLan B, which may be necessary for survival.
what do u think?
Simon wrote: an I dea for you to get thekids outside and play and learn at the same time. When I was in grade 7 and the school was interviewing a teacher for the school he had us do this activity.
assign all the kids in the class an animal, cow, rabbit, wolf, bear, tiger, squirrel etc. have at least half the class predetor animals and the other half prey animals.
have several “safe” areas set outside such as hoola hoops or even just “touching” something. give the prey animal kids a goal like havening to get flags from each area. the kids that are prey animals play “tag” and catch the prey animals, once they are caught they have to sit ont he ground until another animal “saves” them. They prey animals are “safe” in the designated area’s from the predetor animals. NOW the predetor animals can also “kill” each other, that throws in an extra complication to it too.
It teaches the kids about the food chain and nature in general. It also gets them to run around a lot. hahaha, you can also have a competition for the most “flags” gathered by the prey animals. I know that our class had a blast doing the activity and the teacher ended up getting the job, lol. physical activity is a very important part of youth development. If you have any questions let me know.
Some good websites I found were:
This is a great overview of the subject at hand:
Tech Task #3

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

This particular video really provoked my thinking because it reminded me of my own education. I have strong memories of doing art in elementary school. Often teachers would explain the steps of the particular craft and show an example. I always loved making my craft differently. This was either taken as being creative or not following directions depending on how you look at it. Quite often in our society it seems we are trying to create robots. There is a certain way things should be done and a certain way that school work should look. I hate to generalize but I would have to agree with Sir Ken Robinson in saying that schools do kill creativity, in many ways. Creativity must be embraced and supported.

Some of the key quotes that stood out in my mind were:

“If your not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original…are mistakes the worst thing you can make? Picasso said all children are born artists: the problem is to remain an artist as we group up..We get educated out of creativity..Arts are at the bottom in education systems”

“We tend to focus on children’s heads ..and then slightly to one side”

“Whole purpose of our education is to produce university professors”

“Brilliant people think they’re not because what they were good at were not valued”

“Creativity is having original ideas that have value”

“A girl who is now a multi-millionaire dancer- someone else may have put her on medication and told her to calm down”

“If all insects disappeared within 50 years all life on earth would end..if humans disappeared all life would flourish”

Tech Task #4

Tech Task #5

Video created by Brandee, Kelsey, and Joanna remaking a mastercard ad.

Tech Task # 6

Here is our ‘horror’ door scene video! Sadly when we uploaded it to youtube our music is a bit off from the original video.

Tech Task # 7

Today we made a podcast. Enjoy!

Tech Task #8

Spreadsheet activity

Tech Task #9

Create 2 pictures with 6 word phrases:

Tech Task # 10

Make a blog post response to topic #13.

Click here to see my post.


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